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  • Create executable 90 Day ACTion plan.

  • Achieve great success in personal and professional life?

  • Turn all your learnings & knowledge into Massive Results.

  • Be more productive, want More results from less efforts?

  • Identify what’s working / what’s not working?

  • Make more Money and have better relationships?

  • Unlock the Potential of your Personality?

  • Identify your limitations and fears?

  • Do you want to know your mind operating system – mOS

  • Have Holistic Health forever?



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  • DAY 1

  • Know your Personality Type (MBTI) and discover your Strenghts

  • Change Your Mindset and change your results.

  • Make Xcellence a Habit (mastering the art of taking ACTion)

  • Mind OS (MIND Operating System, finding the bug, CRAP and debugging the CRAP, Power of starting)
  • ReBOOT at PIT STOP (Time for Servicing and Refueling)

  • DAY 2

  • Clarity and it’s Power (Discovering REAL YOU, your ROAD and your PATH)
  • Project your Business as a PROJECT(Redefining & Managing business as a Project in line with PMI,USA, The SMART Way)

  • Small is Good (Making Chunks, Preparing Task List, being Coachable.)
  • Results do matter (Plan the PLAN, 90 day ACTion Plan)
  • Close with a Celebration (Revisit, Review, Redo the PLAN and Reward)

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An Internationally Certified Performance Coach.


Suresh Babu, is founder director of, ‘One Life Academy’, a leading Coaching & Training company, which helps Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Corporate Executives, Leaders and Start Ups, hone their skills around Professional Development, leveraging Project Management methodology and specializing in, “Smarter Implementation Systems”.

He is an author of upcoming book, “Xcellence in Xecution” , the science behind, ‘Why People Behave the Way They Behave’. A must read book for entrepreneurs and corporate executives.

Suresh is a certified MBTI Practitioner and also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), he was on Stage in Florida, USA, representing India, during excellence in Delivery Management Summit (xDM) at Orlando. And he is also a recipient of a coveted award, “Great People Great Performance Award” while serving Microsoft Corporation.

Suresh believes in continuous learning and got trained by the International Trainers around varied topics, viz., Crucial Conversations, Influencer, Whale Done, Egonomics, besides Coaching Essentials for Leaders by Ken Blanchard. He is a student of Jim Rohn, MMI Fame, T Harv Eker and Clinton Swain (Experiential Business at Frontier Training).

His personal philosophy is, ‘Help Helps’ and is on a mission, ‘To help people live life of fulfillment, easily , effortlessly and efficiently’.

His dream project is to launch a 360 degree training to support Start Up ecosystem and help them accelerate the growth,Xponetially through a 12 Month Entrepreneurship Development Program – “Excellence in Execution”.

Suresh, coaches & mentors, entrepreneurs, founders and loves spending time with aspiring entrepreneurs and he is very approachable.

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  • MBTI Assessment with Career Report
  • Both Days Lunch/ Beverages
  • Top 5 Strengths-Finder assessment report
  • Workbook

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See What Other SSI Graduates Say





Sukanya Sandeep

“I have to definitely tell you that this group coaching Event, “Sure Success Intensive” over a weekend, had made me a better person and has speeden up my navigation through my plans.

With the 90 day action plan, things got easier and you deserve a special thanks for that.

For a working women with an year n half maternal sabbatical, life seemed quite lost. But u brought me back into action in no time and helped me start right from where I left.. of course, with a great speed to make up.

Thanks a lot Suresh!!!”

Bharath G

“SSI is a very unique program. It not only teaches you the various aspects of becoming successful but empowers you right there during the program itself. I learnt a lot about myself and about the people who have made a difference in my life. I really thank each one of them for being in my life and making my life a success.

Ganesh Shenoy

I had an opportunity to be a part of the previous, “Sure Success Intensive” program in November ‘2016. Before participating in SSI I had attended various international certification programs over the last couple of years and had accumulated several learning logs and had a major challenge of putting these learnings into action. My expectations from SSI program was to put me on a path from awareness & learning to taking action. It was an amazing experience of having learnt a lot through activities, tools, assessments and collective sharing from participants. My major takeaway from the program was a 90 day structured plan which was detailed out in the program that helped me immensely to focus on a set of key actions leading to accomplishment of my goals. It helped me built
a rhythm and momentum of achieving my plans & goals which in turn gave me the confidence & comfort to quit my corporate job after 25+ years.

Suresh has designed a fantastic experiential program putting his corporate experience, learning and tools from various international certifications like PMI, MBTI, Gallup, and Frontier & Quantum Leap.

It was also a great privilege and experience to have got blessings of Suresh’s father an Academician and a great teacher who had graced the program. He also shared his wisdom, experiences of having travelled across the world which were phenomenal life lessons as well. Thanks Suresh for the opportunity & I would love to see you in action and continue my learning journey being a part of SSI again in Nov ’17.

​​​Sandhya Raghavan

“I attended Sure Success Intensive in Nov 2016 with blind faith in MrSuresh Babu whom i knew as an impactful trainer. However, Sure Success Intensive turned out to be the best workshop of the year for me, as it came at a time when I had just ventured my own business of Image Consulting, Training
and HR services.

​​SSI gave me the ​​time and the space to reflect upon ​​my strengths and my personality type which was incredible. It gave me an opportunity to take a leap of 10 – 20 years ahead and ponder into what I wanted and reset my goals – life goals to be precise towards a more fulfilment and success.
I look forward to being part of that same energy SSI gave me in 2016 and move few steps further towards my journey of success under the guidance of Mr Suresh Babu”.

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